Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thank god I'm not a single mom

My boyfriend and I work different shifts. I work 12 hours shifts 3 nights a week at the hospital and he works a typical 9-5 during the week. This makes it hard to be the puppy police. I do not want to keep Peaches in her crate the entire time he's not home. But it's hard to manage otherwise.

Toby has never been crated because of his separation anxiety. I wish I could crate him so Peaches could get free reign with her brothers. She really misses running and playing with them. On top of it all, Toby is ALWAYS glued to my side anyway. If I'm at the kitchen table, he is laying under it. If I'm on the couch, he's on a pillow next to me. He sleeps like a cat above my head on a pillow at night (this part has been really fun with the cone... ). This dog doesn't like to be more than 5 feet away from me. Which makes it extremely hard on Peaches. So I think the  consensus might be that we need to try to crate Toby again.

I feel the headache forming already :(

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