Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Toby went to live with my mom and sisters on Monday.

It was hard. His little fluff ball face is so missed. He was just this big white cuddle dog. But at least I know he's safe and he can relax. I want him to be happy.... My sister sent me a picture of him ripping apart a stuffed animal. He hasn't played with a stuffed animal in forever here... I'm happy for him!

Peaches has relaxed too. She is a bit different. She is definitely calmer and less clingy. I've been doing things around the house today and she no longer follows me around. I can go upstairs and she isn't waiting at the baby-gate freaking out for me to come back.

She is SO happy to be back to sleeping on the couch, she plops herself down next to Jer in front of the tv and can relax. Before, she'd be sitting tensed up, on the leash, staring at Toby. She still needs a lot of work. She does have jealousy issues, especially with toys. But that is much easier to deal with than rage issues with Toby.

She has been playing well with Wilbur and Porkchop. I was worried how Wilbur would do without Toby. Toby has been his buddy since day 1. But he seems to be dealing ok. I'm thinking about getting him a crate so that he can be in the crate along side Peaches and Porkchop when we're not home. He has always liked a crate, but being the golden child, there was never a need for him to be in one.

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