Monday, February 13, 2012

Bulldog day!!

I worked the past 3 nights at the hospital so Jer was on doggie duty. No major happenings to report and no changes.

Peaches got a break today from all the Toby stress today. She has been pretty confined and limited all week and since I'm off today, I dropped Toby off at my mom's house and we're having a bulldog day!! Just Peaches, Porkchop, and Wilbur!! She was sooooooo happy when I let her out of her crate this morning. She was zooming around the house! We went upstairs to snuggle and she was just jumping out of her skin, rolling in the bed and making her happy bulldog noises. We slept for 4 hours and now I'm attempting to function on only 4 hours of sleep. We ran downstairs and had a few tense moments. The doorbell rang (note... my UPS man KNOWS not to ring the doorbell... USPS ALWAYS does... that man is sweet but is KILLING ME!!) That's usually a high stress time and often when Toby would get attacked. I was worried that Peaches would react on one of her other brothers but she handled herself great!! Barking of course and propped up on the baby gate seeing what the evil that rang the doorbell was but no aggression towards her brothers.

And now she's back to playing and wrestling with them. They have missed her!! They keep running up to her with their butts in the air and stomping their paws to get her to chase them and she obliges and they run like a pack of wild beasts through the house, tongues hanging out and big bulldog smiles on their faces. She needed a day like this...

I love my dogs, I wish we could always have this peace.

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