Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making It Work

We are trying to find ways to make this do-able. Toby is still living with us. I want to keep him here till his leg heals. But he's been spending a few days at my mom's house to kind of get him used to being over there too. He loves my mom but I'm worried he's going to go drive her crazy too!! lol...

For now, we have a sort of system that kind of works. Its not perfect but at least Peaches isn't in her crate most of the day now. I have managed to figure out how to get a baby gate in between the couches. I also barricade the way out so she can't simple jump over the gate. I sit at a bar table that is directly by the baby gate armed with a spray bottle. Peaches does NOT like the water spray bottle. So I will leave Peaches loose in there with Porkchop and Wilbur to play and sit on the other side with Toby. Like I said, not a perfect system but more doable. She's been very good with it. If I get up from the table though I need to leash her and take her with. So she takes trips with me if I have to step away for even a second, she goes with me.

I've noticed some improvements with her tantrums in the crate.

She has been handling herself a bit better. I think moving her crate to sleep upstairs was a good decision. I put a fluffy pillow in there for her and she's not super pissed off at me anymore. We make a point to put her to bed. I think we are making slow but good progress. She gets so excited when I let her out of the crate she literally bounces between the two couches. Today Porkchop got a static shock from her because she was bouncing so much she must have charged herself up and when Porkchop came over to sniff her I saw the spark and his ears went FAR back!! I don't think he was thrilled.

Toby is still Toby. No amount of ignoring him affects his stubborn streak. But I will say that his wound is healing beautifully and I'd say he's almost 100% healed by now. Good thing too... he needs to get groomed!!! I've left the cone off of him for the past few days and he's handled it great. No bitting or licking at the area at all.

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