Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So Jer got home from work early and it seems that Peaches is more reactive with him home. She even snapped at poor Porkchop who is very confused about the new rules and happening at our house. He walks around with this bamboozled look on its face. He sticks his butt in my face waiting for me to scratch it and looks at me with utter sadness when I can't pet him because sitting his butt in my face is NOT a green light signal.

Peaches does not like it when Toby is leashed too. She keeps freaking out when me and Toby leave the room... I think she thinks I'm taking Toby on a walk. I can't wait till the leash finally becomes normal.

On the plus side, Toby's wound looks better. It's definitely healing. This means that no ($600) surgery is needed and we'll be able to take that damn cone off soon. That might help calm her down a bit too, she hates that cone.

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