Friday, February 10, 2012

Having a mentally challenged dog is hard....

Peaches is really not liking the new rules. She is reactive as ever. 100% of her time is spent focused on Toby and how to kill him. We are constantly trying to avoid fights. I have to tether her to me so close that we're almost walking in unison.

When Jer isn't home its even harder.
Right now, Toby is in the crate- GROWLING. I don't know why he is growling. Peaches is sitting next to me, staring at him. But she's leashed. He's crated. I know they are safe. I don't care.

I have a water spray bottle next to me. When Peach lunges, I spray and correct. I've had to do it maybe 3-4 times. Now she's just sitting here. Staring, panting, obviously anxious.

I talked to Peggy today about the recent happenings and she says it could be a good thing. Peaches realizes the rules are changed and she's upset. Therefore she's reacting more. It's exhausting.

Last night we were watching tv. Wilbur and Peaches were on my couch. Jer Toby and Porkchop were on his. Everyone was asleep. Except Peaches, who sat next to me (leased to me of course) and started at Toby the ENTIRE time. One slip and she would have jumped to the other couch to get him.

We are going to start a new bed time routine. We are going to get her a new crate for the upstairs... give her a little cuddle time first and then put her to bed in the crate. Then bring the other dogs upstairs. We'll see how it goes. I know she feels absolutely ostracized.

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  1. I love your new blog, and am impressed with your training fortitude! Keep up the good work with both :)